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The Special Operations Bureau provides unconventional and proactive investigative services, as well as operational support for multiple Divisions and Units within the Agency. 


The Bureau is comprised of the Office of Professional Standards, Code Enforcement, and Process Controls.  Additionally, the Bureau oversees and operates all specialized teams, including SWAT, the Hazardous Devices Unit (Bomb Squad), the Marine Unit (Boat and Dive Teams), the Aviation Unit, and the Crisis Negotiation Team.

Special Operations Bureau

Captain Wayne Mills

Phone: (864) 260-4205

Missi Parnell, Administrative Assistant

Phone: (864) 261-7137

Lieutenant Rusty Scogins

Training & Professional Standards - Phone: (864) 260-4670

Lieutenant Todd Owens

Sergeant James Telley

Staff Sergeant R.J. Brown

CALEA Accreditation Coordinator - Phone: (864) 260-4294

Sergeant Blake Arflin

Sergeant Juvan C. Mitchell

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