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  • Where do I find all the state and local laws concerning animals?
    Click on link to be taken to relevant website: South Carolina State Laws
  • I need to make a complaint concerning a domesticated animal or livestock. Who do I contact?
    The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division is responsible for handling and investigation all calls concerning domesticated animals or livestock. This includes, but is not limited to, animals running at large, maltreatment issues, animal bites, and so on. Call the Animal Control Division at: (864) 260-5576
  • What do I do if I get bit by a dog or a cat?
    Animal bites should be promptly reported to Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division. We will attempt to locate the animal, verify vaccination status, and quarantined the animal for a period of 10 days from the date of the bite. A bite report is created with the victim’s information, the animal owner’s information, the animal’s description, location, and circumstances concerning the bite. The report is faxed to D.H.E.C. and a copy is maintained by Anderson County Animal Control Division. Note: Seek immediate medical treatment if needed. This is especially essential for children and older adults.
  • Does the Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division deal with large domesticated animals / livestock?
    Yes, when the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division receives complaints on large domesticated animals / livestock, these complaints are investigated by our division. Actions are taken to resolve and correct the problems. Our division also work hand-in-hand with other organizations if animals are to be removed or housed while actions are pending.
  • Does my animal have to stay on my property?
    Yes, all domesticated animals and livestock in Anderson County must be contained / secured on the owner’s property. This includes domesticated animals as well as livestock. Violation of this can be a fine of up to $1087.50 per animal.
  • Who do I contact if I have a feral / stray cat problem?
    Since the county is actively participating in the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program, the Anderson County P.A.W.S. facility has taken on the responsibility of assisting the public with all feral / stray cat issues. Live cat traps can be loaned through the shelter to assist in the safe trapping of the cats. For more information on this program please contact the Anderson County P.A.W.S. facility via email at and someone will get back with you.
  • Does my dog or cat have to be vaccinated against rabies?
    Yes, all cats and dogs have to be current on their rabies vaccination. The owner must be able to provide up-to-date proof of rabies upon any officer’s request. Violation of this can be a fine of up to $1087.50 per animal.
  • I have an animal I need to turn in, what do I do?"
    If you have an animal you need to turn in, please contact the Anderson County P.A.W.S. facility to set up an appointment. There is no charge to turn in an animal. Contact Anderson County P.A.W.S at: (864) 260-4151
  • I have an issues involving a wild animal, who do I call?"
    Anything involving wildlife (not a domesticated animal or livestock) is handled by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Please contact DNR at: 1-800-922-5431.
  • What is the cost for service of Papers?
    The Sheriff’s Office charges $25.00 per defendant for service even if multiple defendants are located at the same address. The cost of serving a Judgment is also $25.00
  • Why does it take so long for service of papers and what is the process?
    Civil papers that are processed at the Magistrates office can take up to 2 days to reach the Sheriff’s Office for service. Once the documents arrive at the Sheriff’s Office, the paperwork is entered into our tracking system and disbursed to the appropriate personnel for service. One of the main reasons it takes so long to serve is getting someone to the door -- even if inside a residence. Paperwork can be left with an adult at a residence if someone comes to the door, but can never be left with a minor. Several attempts to serve papers are made before they are returned for non-service, unless proof can be given that the defendant is not at a location.
  • What is the process for evictions and Judgments?
    Rules to vacate: If served personally, the defendant has 10 days to move. If posted only, the defendant has 20 days to vacate premises. Writ of Ejectment Defendants have 24 hours to vacate premises.If, after that time the defendant has not moved, the Plaintiff must make an appointment within 10 days of service to evict the Defendant. All judgments are handled by the Sergeant in Civil & Judicial Operations. The first step taken, once a judgment is filed, is to attempt to make contact with the Defendant by letter.
  • Why do tenants have more rights that the landlord?
    Landlords often feel their tenants have more rights to stay than they do to remove them from a property, but delays are usually because the Landlord has allowed the tenant to remain at a location for 2-3 months or even longer, before they begin filing the paperwork. Once the proper paperwork is filed, the process actually moves quite rapidly.
  • Why do deputies continue to attempt service at an address even after being told a defendant does not reside there?
    When issued by the courts, we must make attempts of service at the address listed on the paperwork. While we keep a log of incorrect addresses, it is not always accurate. Also, if subsequent paperwork is reissued by the courts with the same invalid address, we have no options but to attempt service at the address listed.
  • I’m sorry, I thought I was calling the Sheriff’s Office?"
    Our procedures for answering the phone have changed. We now answer the phone with, "Records and Judicial Orders how may I help you?" You have reached the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Can you please look up the case number and email or fax the report to me?
    For anyone other than the victim, there is a $5.00 charge for a copy of an incident report. Even if you are the victim, we do not like to email or fax a report unless you reside outside Anderson County. This is because certain items in an incident report may need to be re-dacted and we cannot do that through our email system. It is also important for you to pick up your report so you can review it and make any necessary changes.
  • Can you look up this case number for me and read me what it says
    We do not read reports to anyone over the telephone. You must come to the department and pick up a copy of the report whenever possible.
  • I need my incident report, but don’t have a case number. What can I do?"
    We are able to research your incident as long as we have names, dates, and the location of where an incident occurred.
  • Why is there not a report? There were several deputies at my house!
    Not every call for service by an officer results in a written incident report. Incident reports are processed primarily when a crime has occurred such as assaults, thefts, vandalism, etc.
  • Where do I go to obtain a permit for scrap metal recycling and how much does it cost?
    Non-Ferrous metals permits are issued by the Records Division between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays or unexpected technical issues. Permits are Free, unless you lost your permit before expiration and want a replacement issued.In this case, there is a $10 re-issue fee. Applicants must be residents of Anderson County, SC; however, a permit is valid across the State of South Carolina, so long as it is issued in the County where you reside. Applicants must have a valid (non-expired) government issued picture ID in order to obtain a permit. Permits expire on the applicant's birthday in the 2nd year of issuance.
  • Can you tell me where my vehicle was towed?
    In order to assist you in locating your vehicle, we will need: the type of vehicle, VIN number, date vehicle was towed, and location of vehicle when towed. NOTE: We do not have records of any tows for Highway Patrol or other municipalities.
  • I tried to buy a gun, but they tell me that I have a criminal record and need a copy of the incident report. Can you help me?"
    We only have complete incident report records in our system from 2005 forward therefore, a report may no longer be available for the time frame you are requesting. Years for which reports are available are subject to change, based upon the retention schedule and what the agency is required to keep under the law. The requestor may be looking for a disposition to your case such as guilty, not guilty, etc.This information must be obtained from the Courts. We only have records for the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. We do not maintain records for, nor can we release records from any other agency.
  • My employer ran a criminal history on me and it shows that I was arrested on this date. I have never been arrested! Can you help me?
    First, before we can assist you, it must be determined by which agency they say you were arrested? We do not have access to any other agencies arrest records. If the arrest shows that it was the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, we can look at the arrest, check against photographs, and have your fingerprints analyzed. The only way an individual will have a criminal record is through fingerprints. You may not be aware that, even though you did not go to jail, but were photographed and fingerprinted and then bonded out, you would have a criminal record and that is still considered an arrest. If it is determined that you are not the subject of the criminal history because someone used your name, then fingerprints must be done and sent to the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division.They will then prepare documentation that you carry with you to show that you are not the subject of the Criminal History. Also, be aware that sometimes employers will get a hit that you have an arrest record because they are not looking at the fact that information was returned on a subject with a similar name, with same date of birth, or the social security number could have been transposed. We are willing to help anyway we can if the information on the arrest is from Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.
  • I need to run a criminal history on myself and/or a potential tenant. Where do I need to go?
    The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office does not provide criminal history information to the general public. You can now access all charges if not dismissed, and/or expunged through the Anderson County Public Access system. To run a statewide criminal records check, please visit the SLED website at and click on the SLED Catch Icon.
  • I ran my background check and it still shows a charge that I had expunged. Why?
    It is always possible that a copy of the expungment order was not sent to each agency to remove the record. If uncertain, always provide them with another copy of the expungment order to get the record removed.
  • How do I get a copy of my accident report?
    The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office does not work auto accidents unless a SC Trooper or family member was involved in the accident. All other requests for accident reports must be made to the SCHP or the municipality in which the accident occurred.
  • Is this the Warrant Division?
    We may now answer the phone as Records and Judicial Orders, but the Warrant Division is a part of this department.
  • Does my boyfriend, husband and/or child have an outstanding warrant?"
    We will not release this information over the telephone. The subject of the inquiry must come to the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Do I have an outstanding warrant?
    If you have a summary court bench warrant we will advise you of such and have you contact the court to see if a fine needs to be paid. We will NOT advise you over the phone if you have a criminal warrant and/or a General Sessions bench warrant, but will however, be happy to assist you if you come to the Sheriff’s Office in person.
  • How long does it take to serve a warrant?
    Every effort is made to serve a warrant as soon as possible, but there is no way to give you a time frame of exactly when it will be served.
  • Why hasn’t a certain individual been arrested yet on an active warrant?
    There are many reasons why an individual has not been arrested: Bad address on warrant. Subject has moved. Unable to locate the subject. Subject does not live in Anderson County Subject is in jail in another county and or state. (If we are aware of this, a hold is placed on the subject and they will be picked up when the other agency is ready to release them.)
  • How many times have you tried to serve a warrant?
    We will make an attempt to serve the warrant until the individual is arrested. However, if the subject does not live in Anderson County, we must make other arrangements to get the warrant served including: Adding the subject to an NCIC entry An entry in the SC Justice Exchange system Requests are made to other agencies to assist in locating the subject.
  • Can I just pay a fine?
    If you have an outstanding bench warrant, you will be directed to contact the court regarding payment of a fine. Once the fine is paid, the court may recall the bench warrant, but this is not guaranteed. If the warrant is not recalled it is still considered a valid warrant and will be served.
  • Can you process a wet vehicle for latent fingerprints?
    No, wet items of evidence will be allowed to dry before they can are processed to allow for the best chance of recovering useable latent prints. This includes vehicle interiors, which may have been exposed to rain or high humidity environments.
  • Can you get latent fingerprints off cloth material?
    In most instances, recovering latent fingerprints off cloth materials is unsuccessful.
  • I am on vacation but my family member (neighbor, friend, etc.) is watching my residence. Will you process it while I am away if it is broken into?"
    With exception of a very serious crime (homicide) or some other extremely unusual circumstance, we will NOT process a residence without the victim being present. The victim is defined as the person who lives there.
  • Can I inventory or start cleaning up my residence while I wait for a Detective and/or a Crime Scene Investigator to arrive?
    Please DO NOT alter the scene in any way. Even something as simple as sweeping up broken glass can destroy valuable evidence that could be used to identify the perpetrator.
  • How can Citizens interact with the Forensic Services Division?
    The Forensic Services Division can provide personnel to speak at community meetings and events, schools, and businesses. We can also schedule tours of our facilities.
  • I need fingerprint cards for my CWP/ID/License/Name Change/Employment/Etc.
    Yes, fingerprints can be rolled at no charge. Monday –Friday from 8:30 AM -3:30 PM. Please call 864-332-5415 to make sure there is staffing available to have your prints taken.
  • When can I pick up Evidence?
    Tuesday-Friday 8:30 AM-3:30 PM
  • What do I need to pick up evidence?
    A photo ID
  • How do I know if I am allowed to get property?
    In order for evidence to be released, it must be authorized by the case officer/Investigator prior to you coming in to pick it up. Please verify with your case officer/Investigator before contacting the Property and Evidence Division.
  • If someone is arrested with my firearm, can I get it back?"
    With proof of your ownership and only if you can legally possess a firearm. It must also be authorized by the case officer/Investigator.
  • I was assaulted and a deputy took pictures, how can I get the photographs for civil/family court?"
    The photographs are considered evidence and can only be released to an individual with a subpoena signed by a judge.
  • If I call the Sheriff’s Office and turn in something as found property can I get it back after a certain amount of time?
  • Yes, we can’t take containers such as bottles. Please place the unused medication into a box or baggie and we will dispose of it properly.
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