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The Patrol Bureau provides efficient and effective patrol operations for the citizens of Anderson County in order to create a deterrent to crime, detect and apprehend offenders, and respond to the needs and expectations of the community. The primary functions of these patrols include, but are not limited to, proactive patrol oriented toward the prevention of crimes and maintenance of public order while fostering a positive relationship between citizens and the business community of Anderson County.

Patrol Bureau Leadership

Captain Jacob Bowland

Phone: (864) 222-3951

ALPHA SHIFT - Phone: (864) 222-3964

Lieutenant Brian Harbin

Staff Sergeant Heath Davis

Corporal Terry Bowers

Sergeant Blake Arflin

BRAVO SHIFT - Phone: (864) 222-3961

Lieutenant Josh Payne

Sergeant Jonathan Velez

Corporal Cory Barnes

CHARLIE SHIFT - Phone: (864) 222-3960

Lieutenant Alan Hendrix

Staff Sergeant Jonathan Villegas


Corporal Kenny Pigman

Staff Sergeant Travis Hanks

DELTA SHIFT - Phone: (864) 260-4436

Lieutenant Ben Cothran

Staff Sergeant Chase Wilkinson

Sergeant Braden Plumley

Corporal J.J. Jacobs

SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT - Lieutenant Danny Barton

Animal Control

Staff Sergeant Mark Davis

Transport Unit 

Community Patrol

Traffic Safety Unit 

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