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The Community Services Division provides support functions to the community and is responsible for performing many mandated duties for the Sheriff's Office and is responsible for educating the community through various safety classes.  

The Community Services Division is comprised of the Administrative Services, Rural Patrol, Community Outreach, Victim Services and NCIC. 

Community Services Leadership

Lieutenant Todd Caron

Judicial Services Division

Phone: (864) 260-1007

Christi Lee, Administrative Assistant

Phone: (864) 260-4368

Carrie Skeen

Phone: (864) 222-8845

Lieutenant Jeremy Pickens 

Phone: 864-260-4886

Shale Remien

Phone: 864-221-6571

VICTIM SERVICES UNIT- Phone: (864) 222-3960

Kim Rice - Phone: (864) 222-6656

Merrell Harbin - Phone: (864) 222-3952

Sandra Garcia - Phone: (864) 964-2254

Tonya McCullough - Phone: (864) 222-8849

For more information on available assistance through Victim Services, please click the button below.

Jan Robison - Phone: (864) 260-1067


Lula Boseman

Phone: (864) 260-4498

Carmen Shirley

Phone: (864) 226-1998

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