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The Anderson County Sheriff's Office understands the importance of effective communication and a strong relationship with the community and media. The Sheriff’s Office partners with the media to connect with the community. Effective media relations and positive community participation are two vital components to the overall success of any law enforcement agency and its mission to serve the general public.


The Anderson County Sheriff's Office will be transparent by providing fair and accurate information to the public and media in a timely and professional manner.

The Public Information Officer:

  • Is the main point of contact for the Sheriff's Office to assist the news media

  • Prepares and disseminates all Sheriff's Office news releases

  • Coordinates interview requests from the media

  • Arranges and coordinates press conferences, and conducts other media events for the Sheriff's Office

  • Manages the Sheriff's Office social medial platforms

  • Assists with special projects and presentations about Sheriff's Office services and activities

Civ- Carrie Skeen.jpg

Carrie Miller 

Public Information Officer/CJCC

Office: (864) 222-8845

Shale, website.jpg

Shale Remien 

Public Information Officer

Office: (864) 221-6571

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