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Herb is a graduate of the Citizens Academy where he learned firsthand the wonderful attributes of the Sheriff’s Office. It was shortly after Herb was asked to join the Board, he began serving as Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Herb takes pride in being a consistent and transparent board member to help the employees of the Sheriff’s Office and their families.

“I have taken it upon myself to see that the  hard earned dollars that are donated by the Citizens of Anderson and others, are used properly; therefore making Anderson County a better place for all that choose to live here.”

I have served as a volunteer firefighter with Anderson County for 25 years. Herb recently served as Chairman of Anderson County Republican Party, Co-Founder of Anderson County “Back The Blue” Parade Committee, along with numerous other civic minded events.

Herb has been married to his wife Krys for more than 55 years and is currently retired after a career as a small business owner .

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