The Anderson County Sheriff's Office Detention Division has an average daily inmate population of approximately 400 inmates; roughly 319 males and 65 females. We receive approximately 4,500 new arrests each year. The Detention Division is responsible for Court House Security, Bailiffs, Detention Center, and Transportation.

Detention Division Leadership

Director Kevin Matheson

Phone: (864) 260-4200

Admin. Lieutenant Bobby Ham

Phone: (864) 260-4365

Leslie Mitchell, Administrative Assistant

Phone: (864) 222-3936

COURT HOUSE SECURITY - Phone: (864) 260-4644

Lieutenant Lewis Carroll

Staff Sergeant James Harrison

Sergeant Daniel Butler

Corporal Shane Chandler


The mission of the Anderson County Sheriff's Office Detention Center is to serve & protect the Citizens of Anderson County by maintaining secure jail operations and facilities, while preserving the rights and dignity of all who are incarcerated.